Home Theater

Through our partnership with Rich AV Design we are thrilled to bring you the very latest in high performance audio, video, security and home automation systems. But powerful surround sounds and cinema quality projection TVs alone are merely products. We strive to weave into the very fabric of your home, your lifestyle, your personality, and routine.

Come home from a long day at work with the house lit, coffee brewing, your favorite evening news program waiting for you. No need to suffer while the house warms up because it knows your comfort zone and has already prepared for your arrival.
Having some friends over for a movie? With the touch of one button, draw the blinds and dim the lights. Sit back and get comfortable while the projection screen descends from the ceiling, music fills the room and the movie begins.

This is more than high tech at its very best. This is your life the way you want it, need it, like it.

Visit RichAVDesign.com for more information.

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